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Client Type: Retail Investor that owns shopping centers in a cold belt state

Name: David Gardner
Type of investment: Single Tenant – Advance Auto Parts
The path to finding NNN

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Key Factors for Investing with NNN:
  • Joel displayed a high level of experience
  • Extensive knowledge base in regards to commercial real estate investing.
Problem NNN helped Solve:

To sell off a retail center in a cold belt state that required more maintenance and purchase a single tenant NNN property where they could be passive.

Solution to the Problem:

We located an Advance Auto in Michigan with a long term lease with a corporate guarantee.

The outcome of the Provided Solution:

A successful 1031 exchange was completed and the client was able to now have a passive income stream with the property.

David Gardner |

Client Type: Family Looking to Invest

Name: McCleary Family
Type of investment: STNL NNN
The path to finding NNN

Listened to episode 47 of the Bigger Pockets podcast. Joel was a guest on that episode. His knowledge and expertise were displayed well on that podcast. I immediately emailed after I had listened and relistened to that episode.

Key Factors for Investing with NNN:
  • After explaining the family situation to Joel via email and phone, he proved to be even more knowledgeable about possible solutions to our specific goal.
  • During our initial conversations, Joel was able to educate, inform, and provide immediate potential solutions. This is what sold me on Joel.
Problem NNN helped Solve:

A family member had passed away and left our family with a large sum. We had initially invested in a mutual fund but we were not getting the returns that we needed to meet current expenses. We wanted to diversify our portfolio in addition to preserving the wealth we had long term.

Solution to the Problem:

We took 50% of our portfolio and purchased an STNL NNN in South Carolina. Joel helped us secure this property.

The outcome of the Provided Solution:

The property is giving us solid returns for the next 15 years. In addition, this will help preserve the wealth we had inherited long term. The income we make from this is 100% passive and that is what we were seeking.

McCleary Family |