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I’m living my dream

Time with Family

Personal Fitness

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What defines your happiness?

Obtain total control of your life.

Gaining a Passive Income makes your Dreams become Reality

Why listen to me?

You came to this site searching for a WAY OUT of the grind with exchanging TIME for money working long hours and watching the best years of your life pass you by. What you are really searching for is what I spent decades finding out.

I’m here to help you find out how to convert ACTIVE income (generated from a job, business, or residential properties) into PASSIVE NNN income that gives you more free time with your family and for yourself to live the best life you desire on a daily basis. Living that best life helps you create life long cherished memories now and into the future. Nobody ever said, “so-and-so was awesome because he/she worked their lives away…” upon their passing. The goal is to enjoy your life to the max every day with a great harmony and leave a lasting legacy for your family to enjoy.   
Passive NNN real estate wealth can help you achieve and maintain such a lifestyle.

So why listen to me? I wanted to share my story with you in the hopes that you see what I have been blessed to realize.

My story

I likely started out just like you.

Not much income and few assets just trying to make it in this world. I had to do lots of types of investments that were Headaches and not the long term OPTIMAL investing strategies that now fit my current way of living to be happy on a daily basis.

The thrill of the (first) ‘million’

I have worked many jobs in my lifetime including in the restaurant industry extensively as well as having owned multiple businesses.

My perception of time vs. return of money changed as I got older. The thrill of achieving the ‘next million’ often now takes the #3 spot in contrast to the #1 spot when my first million was made. Now my #1 and #2 spots are time with family and friends along with quality of life. If you do not have time, health, and wealth all working together together, then achieving happiness and harmony in your life is difficult to do.

If you work all the time…

the money can’t be enjoyed, and life will pass you by.

Active investments can abound with endless decisions and headaches that require

far too much of your energy and time.

Working on a business I love

That is why today I’m a

  • principal commercial real estate company owner and broker
  • a syndicator
  • an author
  • a guest speaker on financial podcasts
  • a commercial moderator on one of the nations largest real estate forums
  • and I spend time on my own investments

Through lots of systems and refinement of processes I work on average 30hrs a week or less on a business I love and have been doing for almost 20 years.

gives you


I want the same for you

Freeing up time has helped me achieve great harmony and happiness in my life and I want the same for you.
It’s all possible and there for the taking with the right action steps and planning.
I have helped individuals from 7 to 9 figure wealth convert active income into passive assets that throw off Monthly Mailbox Money. Have that peace of mind and carefree life you so richly deserve.
as an accredited investor, you can reach $1m in passive annual returns when working exclusively with NNN INVEST

Others who’s dreams have started to become reality



by increasing their Passive Income

Joel and his team really helped select the right NNN property. I’ve owned some shopping centers but wanted to sell those for a single tenant NNN property that was passive. I found Joel on Bigger Pockets and was impressed. Joel helped me 1031 exchange into an Advanced Auto Parts with a long-term lease with a corporate guarantee.

David Gardner

OWNER OF 3 PROPERTIES, Investment Club Member

Venturing into NNN investing from residential was frightening and new but Joel made the process easy. He was available to answer any questions I had and made the process less stressful by connecting me to a lender and an attorney. The commercial property investing is not the same as residential and Joel knows it best. I didn’t know Joel personally, only through Bigger Pockets but I felt comfortable to work with a person I have never met. His BP reputation spoke for itself and I knew I was in good hands. I’m looking forward to working with him again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch commercial broker.

Irina G

OWNER OF 2 PROPERTIES, Investment Club Member

Start your own journey, like myself and others like me, to gain…

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Joel S. Owens  |  NNN Investment Expert