The NNN Invest Team 

Joel Owens


Joel Owens ( The Innovator )
The owner and founder of NNN Invest. Joel is continuously thinking of new and exciting ways to improve his company for his team and his investor buyer clients and passive partners. Commercial real estate (especially RETAIL) is a core focus asset class that Joel loves to constantly learn on and try new things with. He reviews on average thousands of retail properties per month nationally for his clients and his own investing opportunities.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, his friends, running, traveling, and eating delicious foods especially! Joel believes in enjoying every day to it’s fullest and creating life long happy memories helping others.  

John Gibson

Investment Analyst

John Gibson
John is the office manager for NNN Invest. In his spare time for fun he likes watching TV ( Dr. WHO is a favorite), spending time with his son Johnny and his wife Vilma, and reading his extensive comic book collection.

Laurie Owens

The Real Boss

Laurie ( The REAL BOSS) Owens
Laurie is the wife of Joel Owens. She does an excellent job keeping him focused and on task. She lets him know when he might have forgotten something even if he did not ..LOL
In her spare time she loves taking care of Ryan, decorating for all the holiday seasons, and having fun with her cats.

Steven Hamilton II

Tax Expert

Steven Hamilton II (Tax Expert)
Steven Hamilton II began his tax career in 2006. Steven passed
the U.S. Treasury Department’s Special Enrollment Examination in 2009 and taught classes from Advanced Disposition of Assets, K-1s, Advanced Real Estate and many more. After 7 seasons working for others, Steven moved on to start his own practice, Hamilton Tax & Accounting LLC, in 2012 after significant encouragement from his mentor. The focus of his practice is Small Businesses, Real Estate Investments and Retirements Accounts.

Ryan Owens

Junior Boss

Ryan “Junior Boss” Owens
This is Ryan Owens my wife and I’s son. He keeps a watchful eye over the inner workings at NNN Invest and makes sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be in a timely and efficient manner. When Ryan is not busy watching us to relax he kicks back a (cold one) drink of milk in his spare time and loves to sleep.

Keith Minick

Marketing Director

Keith Minick (Marketing Director)