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What are the Perks?

At NNN Invest, not only do we help you find the right fit for your NNN investments, but we also invite you to be part of something pretty special.

Joel Owens has years of experience in creating a passive income from commercial properties under triple-net lease scenarios. Here’s what he offers to you, as a new club member – having purchased STNL and/or MTNL properties with NNN Invest:


  1.  Database Access: At NNN Invest we hold a private database of properties that are either “pre-market” — about to be released to market, currently on the market, or off the market (but potentially available). We share this exclusive access with our club members.
  2.  First Look: Every investor and club member has the opportunity to diversify their investments by syndicating in on our Value Add properties, and club members get early access to the deals.
  1.  Opportunity Reports: Every second week, as a club member you will receive a new report on market trends, and also on the opportunities up and coming in the NNN space.
  2.  Monthly Q&A: Club members have the chance to join a live stream interactive question and answer session with Joel Owens each month. A great place to learn inside an inner circle setting, and gain insights on how to get to that no-longer-lofty goal of $1m passive annual return.
  3.  Annual Private Meet/Greet: Every year Joel offers a private meet and greet with club members to discuss all things NNN for mutual benefit, to learn from each other and also to enjoy some personal interaction.

Hear from a few NNN Property Investment Club Members

Irina G

⭐️ Club Member Since May 2021

Venturing into NNN investing from residential was frightening and new but Joel made the process easy. He was available to answer any questions I had and made the process less stressful by connecting me to a lender and an attorney. The commercial property investing is not the same as residential and Joel knows it best. I didn’t know Joel personally, only through Bigger Pockets but I felt comfortable to work with a person I have never met. His BP reputation spoke for itself and I knew I was in good hands. I’m looking forward to working with him again and would recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch commercial broker.

Paul Jones, DDS, ABDSM

⭐️ Club Member Since May 2022

I had heard Joel at NNN INVEST being interviewed on a real estate podcast show and his expertise with NNN properties sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I had sold some apartment buildings and wanted passive returns for my real estate. I ended up purchasing 4 properties with NNN INVEST for my 1031 tax deferred exchange. As a doctor with limited time and a hectic schedule I want my real estate working for me instead of the other way around and NNN properties does this with investment grade tenants. I had a great experience and look forward to buying more properties with Joel and his team in the future.

Jordan Sweetnam

⭐️ Club Member Since November 2011

I had initially made contact with Joel Owens through an investing website. I had stocks but didn’t like the volatility of the marketplace for long term & stable returns. I started researching commercial real estate for consistent & predictable annual income. Through many discussions by phone & e-mail, I gained great insight and how to review properties to buy. I have made multiple purchases with Joel Owens at NNN Invest & couldn’t be happier.

David Gardner

⭐️ Club Member Since November 2019

Joel and his team really helped select the right NNN property. I’ve owned some shopping centers but wanted to sell those for a single tenant NNN property that was passive. I found Joel on Bigger Pockets and was impressed. Joel helped me 1031 exchange into an Advanced Auto Parts with a long-term lease with a corporate guarantee.

Dr. Nelson Wong

⭐️ Club Member Since November 2019

I highly recommend Joel Owens and his team at NNN Invest. He is very knowledgeable about the commercial property market and can help to steer you towards making a sound financial decision. The commercial NNN market is full of potential minefields and it is important to have someone who has the ability to help you wade through the bad and not so good deals to find the one that fits your requirements. I intend to use Joel and his team again in the future.

Sean McCleary

⭐️ Club Member Since August 2018

We had experienced a death in our family, and we were in need of an investment strategy. I was listening to a podcast that Joel was a guest on, and I just had to reach out! He was a wealth of knowledge in regards to commercial real estate. Joel truly educates his clients during the entire transaction process. We were physically located across the country from Joel. Despite that, he was able to efficiently aid us in acquiring the perfect NNN investment property. There is no doubt we would use NNN Invest for future deals! 

Maya Shirvani

⭐️ Club Member Since April 2020

When I decided to invest through 1031 exchange my research led me to Joel. I found him on a Real Estate forum. His responses to people’s Real Estate questions were very detailed and it had a caring tone to it. I contacted him and after our talk I decided that not only he is an expert in his field but also I could learn from him as a Real estate agent. I just closed on my purchase and I couldn’t be happier. Joel would explain all my questions in details. Another plus for me was that he’s very responsive. His quick replies to emails and calls were greatly appreciated. The fact that I haven’t met Joel yet, and decided not to visit the site, tells you how comfortable I was with him and his expertise. I would definitley recommend Joel, in fact I can’t wait to work with him again. Thanks Joel! 

Brian Powell

⭐️ Club Member Since December 2022

I made a last-minute decision to do a 1031 exchange and then even later decided to switch from apartments to NNN. With only about a month remaining in my identification window, Joel was able to explain the differences between residential and NNN processes, find me a few great properties to choose from and eventually land a property with a high-quality tenant. Joel’s knowledge and connections made this transaction seamless. You can tell he really cares. He continues to indulge my curiosity and answer my questions about NNN investing. There is so much to learn. I can’t wait until I am ready to purchase another one. Thanks, Joel!


Breana Thomas

⭐️ Club Member Since July 2020

Joel did an excellent job walking me through the process of buying my first NNN property. He was available to answer any and all questions and concerns I had. I wish I had started buying commercial sooner! Having a corporate-backed leases property has been stress-free.

Phil Boggia | Black Bell Capital

⭐️ Club Member Since October 2021

Joel is unlike any broker I have ever worked with. His vetting process for selecting quality NNN properties with “long term dirt value” is precisely what I was looking for. Joel took the time to discuss my situation and the cashflow goals I was trying to achieve. He is a wealth of knowledge and answered every question I had throughout the process. I highly recommend Joel for his expert market knowledge, industry relationships and excellent service he and his team provide.

Jerry Shen | Tech Space

⭐️ Club Member Since May 2017

Having sold my business I was looking to place my capital for passive income while starting up another tech company. I knew I wanted to buy retail but did not know how to evaluate the properties. Joel helped find me a well located property with high income and great demographics for the area. He was helpful through the whole process and even after owning the property. I am now looking at buying a second property through him as the experience has been great so far.

Tim Watcke

⭐️ Club Member Since August 2016

I had contacted Joel as I had owned a larger multifamily building but was looking for more passive type income. I had received an offer for my multifamily building from a California buyer and wanted to 1031 exchange into a retail shopping center. Knowing I had a tight deadline Joel helped me to locate a center at a great cap rate with a motivated seller. The property has been going great so far since closing. I look forward to working with Joel in the future when I am purchasing another retail property.

Dr. Ravinder Mahal

⭐️ Club Member Since September 2020

Joel helped me start to finish with the process. From identifying what I wanted, helping me find the right property, introducing me to lenders through a mortgage broker contact and contract review was with me the whole step of the way.

Tony Frink

⭐️ Club Member Since July 2020

Transaction with Joel got bumpy due to Covid, but we were able to get it done and complete the exchange. Thanks for sticking with this and getting it done Joel, look forward to the next one.


Dr. Young An

⭐️ Club Member Since May 2020

I have worked with several commercial real estate brokers over the past decade, and Joel Owens has been the most knowledgeable and resourceful broker I have worked with. He has a superior understanding of market dynamics and does an excellent job vetting properties, far better than the average broker that just wants to get a deal done. I appreciate Joel’s ability to select properties that meet my personal investment criteria and apply his expertise to help me save time and effort during the due diligence process, which is important to me as a physician with a very busy clinic and surgery schedule. I definitely plan to have Joel help me with more real estate purchases in the future. 

Roger Bijlani | Sr Engineer

⭐️ Club Member Since March 2022

Joel’s breadth of experience and wealth of knowledge gave me the confidence to invest in commercial real estate. He always made me feel that risks were understood and mitigated, and we could handle anything that came up. His attention on was on the deal and he made himself available in every step of the process. In the end we found the perfect property for my investment goals, and the deal was a home run. I’m looking forward to making the next deal with Joel!

Tim & Dr. Suzanne Smith

⭐️ Club Members Since December 2020

My wife and I were trying to do a 1031 and were striking out on all fronts. A friend introduced us to Joel, who was quickly able to find us a number of properties that suited our investment strategy. Joel had all the resources to get the job done, and we closed in time to complete the exchange. I am excited for our future with this property. I would highly recommend Joel to my friends and family, and I will definitely reach out to him the next time I want to invest in commercial real estate.

Nik Suri

⭐️ Club Members Since July 2021

Working with Joel has been great. He is very knowledgeable, honest and aggressive when it comes to getting the deal done. Joel is extremely responsive and has a wealth of knowledge & resources in commercial real estate. Truly a superstar in this arena!

Dr. Mike Magbalon

⭐️ Club Members Since June 2019

I first heard Joel on a podcast with Bigger Pockets where he seemed very knowledgeable on commercial investing. Months later I reached out to him about a possible investment. He vetted me with lots of questions to gain insight into my specific situation. After our conversation we decided to pursued a deal together. He opened my eyes to the possibility of commercial investing and getting more passive type returns with NNN properties versus other types of asset classes . It was definitely a mind shift that he helped me with, along with his expertise that opened up a path towards achieving my real estate and financial goals. I look forward to working with Joel in the future on more deals.


NNN Riches as a resource

Use Joel Owens new book as a great resource to learn this triple-net industry. Including many helpful tips and nuances of the world of commercial real estate ownership, this book will help answer many questions.


Challenge your mind

If you have not yet invested in a NNN lease with commercial property, take some time to learn using our FAQ page or online articles. Investors are typcially pleasantly surprised by the passivity of this income.

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