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Complete a simple qualification process which ensures we are the right fit to help you buy or invest passively.



After you qualify, you and our team decide if we want to proceed.



We will then find the best investment to meet your needs.



We will celebrate together as we accomplish your goals.

Do You Qualify?

Qualification Guidelines

Depending on your investment desires, there are certain qualifiers before working with us:


We require a minimum investment of $800k looking to buy a property worth $2M+. We also require that you are an accredited investor.

Invest Passively

You must be an accredited investor with over $100k to invest. You must also be focused on NNN properties.

Why Qualify?

Our qualification standards are high for our customers and our team. We qualify all of our prospective clients because we want to ensure the best outcome possible. Our qualification process is simple but necessary in order to optimize our time together and ensure we find the right investment for your needs.

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We Decide

Overall Decision Process

Once you qualify, we will work together to gather all of the details, your desires, and other important information. Together, we will gain great insight into your “Ideal Dream Investment / Purchase” With this understanding, we will both be able to make the best decision on whether to continue into a formal agreement or choose to part ways.

Decision Guidelines

Deciding to go with a broker can be a tough and stressful activity. We get it. Here are some things you should consider before signing up with anyone:

Ensure you are committed to NNN properties. Your strategy shouldn’t wane.

Ensure your broker is accomplished and has the credentials

Don’t discount your gut. If you have a feeling that someone is not the right fit, it is probably true

We are not like your usual NNN investment brokers, find out how we are different.

Select and Invest

How we help you Own Property

Completely owning an NNN property is a popular option for investors looking for more control and a higher return on investment.

Working with NNN Invest can help you find the best property to own considering your investment goals and risk tolerance. Our NNN Wealth system provides a platform to ensure we meet or exceed those goals.

How we help you invest Passively.

Investing passively means you become a Limited Partner and invest your money. We become the General Partner who maintains control over the investment. We will seek investments from other Limited Partners until we have the full amount needed to put the downpayment for a property. Our firm will take out the loan, of which, the limited partners will have zero liability. The monthly income distributions and total proceeds at the sale will be split among the partners based on ownership percentage.


Celebrate Success

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What our Clients Experience

Freedom. Exceeded Expectations. Great Investment. Independence. More time for my family. Joy. Less Stress. Assurance. Partnership. Taken care of….

Are just a few words our clients use when they describe success. What is yours? What does it look like to…thrive? If any of the above words resonate with you, NNN properties may be a great fit for your investment.

Previous Results

We have helped investors like you with thousands of investments, hundreds of transactions, and over half of $1B in deals across the country.

But that is just us talking. Check out our testimonials or case studies page to see what our clients say.









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