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I have worked with several commercial real estate brokers over the past decade, and Joel Owens has been the most knowledgeable and resourceful broker I have worked with. He has a superior understanding of market dynamics and does an excellent job vetting properties, far better than the average broker that just wants to get a deal done. I appreciate Joel’s ability to select properties that meet my personal investment criteria and apply his expertise to help me save time and effort during the due diligence process, which is important to me as a physician with a very busy clinic and surgery schedule. I definitely plan to have Joel help me with more real estate purchases in the future.Dr. Young An

Paul L Jones recommends NNN Invest for their knowledge in commercial property market

I had heard Joel at NNN INVEST being interviewed on a real estate podcast show and his expertise with NNN properties sounded exactly like what I was looking for. I had sold some apartment buildings and wanted passive returns for my real estate. I ended up purchasing 3 properties with NNN INVEST for my 1031 tax deferred exchange. As a doctor with limited time and a hectic schedule I want my real estate working for me instead of the other way around and NNN properties does this with investment grade tenants. I had a great experience and look forward to buying more properties with Joel and his team in the future.Paul L Jones DDS, ABDSM


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Joel helped me start to finish with the process. From identifying what I wanted, helping me find the right property, introducing me to lenders through a mortgage broker contact and contract review was with me the whole step of the way

Dr. Ravinder Mahal

I first heard Joel on a podcast with Bigger Pockets where he seemed very knowledgeable on commercial investing. Months later I reached out to him about a possible investment. He vetted me with lots of questions to gain insight into my specific situation. After our conversation we decided to pursue a deal together. He opened my eyes to the possibility of commercial investing and getting more passive type returns with NNN properties versus other types of asset classes. It was definitely a mind shift that he helped me with, along with his expertise that opened up a path towards achieving my real estate and financial goals. I look forward to working with Joel in the future on more deals.

Dr. Mike Magbalon

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