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What it means to Invest Passively

What it means to Invest Passively

Investing passively means you become a Limited Partner and invest your money. We become the General Partner who maintains control over the investment. We will seek investments from other Limited Partners until we have the full amount needed to put the downpayment for a property. Our firm will take out the loan, of which, the limited partners will have zero liability. The monthly income distributions and total proceeds at the sale will be split among the partners based on ownership percentage.

Do you Qualify?

You must be an accredited investor with over $100k to invest. You must also be focused on NNN properties.

How to |Choose

Owning a NNN directly can be your best option. Here are some things to consider:

Maintaining 100% ownership and control of your property is ideal for customers who have a large sum of capital they can invest AND they have the time to manage the property. If you want to own directly, NNN Invest experts will help you find a strong Urban/Suburban Core locations which will provide the best upside for your investment.

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