When it comes to the world of smart investing, there are a few things that we need to first discover. To start this discovery, let’s first ask the following questions:

  1. Are your current investments creating you headaches because they are so much work and energy just to see the fruit of the investment – costing you much labor, stress and personal involvement?
  2. Are your cashflow sources volatile, ever changing, sometimes unstable?
  3. Do you experience tremendous pressure to keep a business running because you are the only one who can do everything right?
  4. Are your investment profits getting taxed away so that you can’t realize a better rate of growth in your personal finances, family legacy, and other financial goals you’re trying to accomplish?
  5. Is your multi-family residential cashflow dependent on needy tenants with problems?

You have a great income, you have a large amount of investment liquidity and yet you are tired of putting money into things that come along with any or all of the 5 points above, this article may just give you a better answer for the way forward. Triple-net investments in high-grade tenant occupied commercial properties create a Passive Income Shield around your time – to allow you to coast a little bit, walk on easy street, say goodbye to the high volatility of your former investments, give you time back that you are longing for either with your family or doing more of the things you love, and shield you from the problems that formerly invaded your life.

Instead of a headache letter coming in your mailbox to let you know that the tenant(s) broke contract and is leaving your property dark, wouldn’t it be so much more pleasing to receive a check from a commercial tenant who has signed a long-term lease and given you peace of mind for 5, 10, sometimes 15 years of guaranteed cashflow?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to realize that while you are receiving years of consistent cashflow from your NNN property(ies), your equity is growing at strong market rates, and will be a tantalizing opportunity for the next investor upon your exit – therefore maximizing your equity multiple and giving you tremendous potential for stepping up to the next level (often within a 1031 exchange) in a new investment opportunity with even more PASSIVE cashflow?

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