Triple-net investing is a low-risk commercial property net lease where you as the investor can benefit in multiple ways. A triple-net lease (NNN) can reduce day-to-day involvement and headaches, as opposed to multi-family where collection of rent is often cumbersome, freeing you to spend more time on your life and your business and see supplemental income steadily grow to a continuous flow. This stability provides peace of mind in the relatively turbulent state of commercial real estate we see today.

Paul Jones DDS, ABDSM, has enlisted the help of NNN Invest to already purchase four triple-net properties. Compared to other lease types, Triple-net leases with a high-grade tenant facilitate stabler lease agreements, decrease the risk of turnover, and provide flexibility in regard to insurance costs and taxes. In his experience with NNN Invest, Paul is happy to report increased stability and security to his overall income. The advantages of NNN grant him assurance that his tenants will continue their lease agreements at the year’s end.

Two more key points illustrate the convenience NNNs can provide. An NNN outlines that the tenant or lessee is responsible for some or all of a property’s expenses, which means that the cost of rent can be adjusted accordingly – thereby potentially attracting the right tenant. Additionally, the tenant or lessee is allowed more control over the costs of utilities and such. A second example of NNN benefits arises in the common case of a larger corporation deciding to close down one of its property’s locations—a property investor can rest easy knowing that rent payments are still guaranteed, since most triple-net lease agreements carry these guarantees through the terms of the lease, regardless of tenant occupancy.

Investing with NNN involves consideration of taxes, liabilities, and other important components, but with the professional assistance of NNN Invest, you and your tenants can reap the benefits detailed in this article. Contact NNN Invest today to see if NNNs are right for your investment properties.

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