In this video, Joel gives advice on what to look for when qualifying your commercial real estate broker. He states that hiring a buyer specialist broker is a major advantage when beginning the journey of commercial real estate.

Why hire a buyer specialist?

Joel states that “Commercial real estate companies typically focus on listings and teams” which means that the cost-sharing revenue is structured so that these teams have to sell high volume to make any significant amount of money.

High Volume Broker vs. Buyer Specialist Broker, which is better for you?

The strategy within high volume teams is to list and sell as much as possible, hence the designation. So as a buyer, you gamble on the quality of the property they are trying to sell you on because they represent the seller’s interests. Generally, these agents within teams will only want to sell properties that are currently in their own inventory compared to, a buyer specialist, like Joel, who has virtually limitless access to a proprietary network of on and off-market properties nationwide, including but not limited to retail property owners that Joel and NNN Invest have worked with over the past 15 years.

Why choose NNN Invest?

NNN Invest works exclusively with the buyers, one-on-one, to review all of the resources to help you find the best properties to buy that will give you the best chance of receiving the highest and safest return on your investment.