In this video, Joel, Principal Broker of NNN Invest, discusses some of the advantages of owning a single-tenant property. He talks about what is required on a monthly basis from the investor. He states that this type of investment is generally more passive than other asset classes. 


Is owning this type of property more passive than other types of investments? 

One of the advantages of owning a single net lease property is that this type of property is mainly passive income versus other asset classes. 


What makes this type of investment more passive than other investments? 

Typically with a single net lease property, there is not much work required on a monthly basis and with these properties, the investor can have investment-grade tenants where the guarantee on that lease can be backed by thousands of stores. You can feel safe and secure that you own a high-quality NNN property that has strong investment fundamentals such as a dense commercial real estate corridor with high-quality construction, and high daily traffic counts around the site.