In this video Joel, Principal Broker, explains what a multi-tenant property is. He talks about some advantages and disadvantages of owning a multi-tenant property. 

Owning a multi-tenant property can present the opportunity to increase the number of income streams generated from this type of property.

What is a Multi-Tenant Property? 

A multi-tenant property is a property that has more than one retail tenant in a shopping center.

What are the different types of Multi-Tenant Properties?

This can include businesses such as full-size grocery stores with tenants on each side, a small commercial retail center, and retail condos where a few units can be owned within the strip center.

Is there potential to increase cash flow for these tops of properties? 

With the retail strip centers, the advantage is that you have multiple businesses bringing in revenue for cash flow for the property. This is the major difference when owning a multi-tenant property versus a single-tenant property. There is much more diversification with owning a multi-tenant property since there are multiple tenants (multiple streams of revenue). The potential to increase the number of income streams by owning a multi-tenant property can help in an economic fluctuation. During an economic fluctuation, some businesses are going to do well, other business sectors may stay stagnant or decline.