I have often received calls over the years and talked to many thousands of investors. The initial call and inquires seem to
have a common theme. The callers often say they are hearing of STNL NNN for the first time or have heard about it from a friend or colleague but are not quite sure what it is. They want more information to explore and learn what STNL (Single Tenant Net Lease) is.

Single Tenant Net Lease is a tenant that solely occupies a free standing building.

Most single tenant buildings are retail-based in nature but can also be medical or various other types. The allure to single tenant net lease properties is that they can be completely passive in nature.

It would be kind of like owning a stock or bond with the added benefit of owning a physical real estate asset with tax benefits.

These properties are often desirable because they have long term primary leases with options to renew, fixed rental increases, and investment grade credit (very dependable) tenants.

Absolute NNN means that there is nothing the owner needs to do with the property. The tenant pays property tax, does maintenance to the property, etc. The landlord (owner) simple sits back and collects a check each month passively. These types of properties tend to be no headache or stress where the landlord can relax and model out a certain return year over year and spend their time enjoying life to the fullest with (family, friends, traveling, etc.)